PRR – digital, handheld radio station with a function of encryption for direct secure communication. 
PRR is used for the special tactical group, which fulfill central tasks. This device also:
• Increases the situational awareness
• Improves the coordination of action in tactical group
• Changes traditional methods based on voice and hand signals to the usage of PRR
• Increases temps of operations, improve the conditional for successful, covert mission

• Encryption
• Non-recallable keys, the opportunity to change the keys
• Remote lockout of the compromised device
• Work in groups
• GPS navigation
• Transfer of voice and data
• Wireless (Short Range) connection to the data transfer source or to the programming device

• Simply to use the device
• No display, No other luminous elements. All this offer an opportunity to act quickly and guarantees direct secure communication
• brute-force switch modes and volume level
• PRR Radio created by using modern materials. Thus we have improved indicators of weight and size, increasing the safety margin required in harsh service conditions.

Company SAYCOM is open for cooperation and looking for partners and investors to launch this product in mass production!


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Ukrainian industrial designer Kateryna Sokolova was born in 1984.
She is co-founder and creative director of the brand NOOM and SOKOLOVA design studio.
Design team working in a wide range of disciplines: furniture, lighting, hardware, electronics, environment.
Kateryna graduated from the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts.
And held an internship at German Design University "Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle"
She is master of Industrial Design.

Participant and winner of a lot of European design exhibitions and competitions.
The most important of them Red Dot Design Award 2015.
From 2011 till 2017 collaborated with French company Jarre Technologies, related to develop and design video and
musical hi-tech product around the name and the experience of famous french musician Jean Michel Jarre.
Today, Kateryna is an internationally established designer based in Kiev.
Collaborate with European and Asian companies.
Among clients: Ligne Roset, Jarre Technologies, Forestier, Bolia, Palau, Noom.



Kiev, Ukraine